The Company


In its purest form the economic principle, when applied to business, is to create the greatest number of products or services utilizing the least number of inputs. Managements’ focus is to ensure that the best policies and procedures are in place to lower these costs. Thus we look at optimizing resources to increase profits.

Many IT departments are inefficient for a variety of reasons such as:-
• antiquated policies and procedures;
• lack of knowledge and expertise;
• may believe the incredible specials being offered by some stores which are not necessarily offering the best deals or may not contain all the information needed;
• may not have longstanding relationships with suppliers thus not getting the best value from them;
• are not kept in the forefront of technology.

By outsourcing your IT requirements to i-TEAM, your company will receive true value added products and services. Our belief is that by adding value to your business, we will grow ours.


i-TEAM is a company focused on resource efficiency. By assessing your infrastructure we can provide you with a roadmap to maximise your resource efficiency, develop an effective IT system, and minimise IT costs.
We employ highly qualified staff and service partners, who have the knowledge and experience to understand your business requirements.


i-TEAM has adopted the philosophy of providing value added services with specialisation in key areas. This allows i-TEAM to be a single point of contact for clients offering a full scope of products and services.


· Networks and Network Security:

With a holistic view to connectivity, our approach is to provide clients with available, secure and scaleable networks. A growing focus today is on network security and data integrity. We have a skilled base of top networking engineers to create and maintain all varieties of networks including wireless.

· Printer Networking:

With costs being driven down daily, most companies forget to focus on a central expense, their printing. Most companies have no concept of actual printing costs and when broken down, cost per page becomes the real issue. i-TEAM can audit your printing infrastructure and propose a more efficient and cost effective solution. Sharing the cost of high-end technologies such as colour and multifunction devices between the maximum number of users is highly desirable. Effectively sharing printer resources also helps to cut down on support costs as well as printer administration time.

· Outsourced Service Management:

What better way to save money than to employ one skilled engineer and get the expertise of an entire IT company. No hidden costs, medical aids, provident funds, leave or staffing issues.

· Virtualisation and Thin Client Technology:

To lower cost of ownership and increase utilisation, many companies are turning towards virtualisation. Added advantages of virtualisation are enhanced redundancy and less hardware. Combining vitualsation with thin client technology means better utilisation of company resources with less management.

· Voice systems:

With communications systems falling under the IT umbrella and as the migration towards voice over IP solutions grows, clients are looking for a supplier with experience to provide true value add. i-TEAM will always ensure that we stay ahead in the convergence race.


In its purest form the economic principle, when applied to business, is to create the greatest number of products or services utilizing the least number of inputs. i-TEAM's principle reason for business is to help businesses such as yours, achieve their greatest level of optimisation. Let us help you apply the economic principle to your business.


We aspire to be a leading technology company, focused on optimising technology resources. Together, with our partners, we will combine innovation and a cost conscious mentality to drive value in the marketplace.



i-TEAM is committed to BBBEE and has started implementing a BBBEE strategy aligned to the ICT Charter. The i-TEAM strategy is focused on the seven pillars of the charter, thus developing Equity Ownership, Management & Control, Employment Equity, Skills Development, Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development and Corporate Social Investment.

In terms of the BBBEE regulations (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act No 53 of 2003) we have been advised that our organization is 100% compliant with the requirements for entities with turnover less than R5-million per annum. This means that we have a BBBEE rating of 75 points. We have automatic Level 4 recognition as a micro enterprise, based on the new codes which were released in December 2006. The effect of 100% compliance as a Level 4 supplier (65-75 points) is that this also gives you a BEE recognition level of 100% for every rand spent with us. A certificate of verification will be supplied once accreditation standards are in place.