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Enterprise Networking

Our Enterprise Network Installation service ensures the optimal result while minimizing the risk of disruption to your business. i-Team familiarity with the installation process and equipment translates into faster deployment. You reap long-term benefits knowing that your installation follows industry standards and that your product is configured to take full advantage of all included features.

Engineers experienced with i-Team and multi-vendor environments manage the installation from start to finish. This service includes the successful introduction of products and solutions into your network through the physical installation of equipment into you business environment, connection of the devices to your infrastructure, configuration of relevant parameters on each device, and connectivity testing of the installation. In addition, i-Team provides recommendations for network management and future growth.

Our experienced network specialists configure all customer system parameters required to provide the features and functionality agreed upon.

Before leaving your facility, our engineer ensures that the new equipment is operational and working correctly in the network environment. A thorough testing procedure verifies that the solution provided by i-Team meets all customer specifications.

Key network configuration details are documented in writing and provided to you for future reference.

Moves, adds, and upgrades following the installation are available on a time-and-materials basis. You can rely on i-Team expertise for all aspects of assessment, implementation and maintenance services of your enterprise network throughout the life of your business.