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Email systems are full of records. Having evolved into the de-facto corporate communication vehicle (internal and external), email systems usually get mined for data to protect and defend corporate interests. Email often holds the relevant information and evidence necessary when an employee, partner, or customer dispute arises.

EMC is an undisputed leader in the storage and archiving arena. EMC EmailXtender is a complete email records management solution that real-time captures, full-text indexes and archives email, instant messages and attachments. The solution provides full management of the email lifecycle - from creation of the email record to record deletion.

Solution benefits

EmailXtender is an automated archiving solution which enables the automating the archiving of older mail to more cost-effective on-line stores, reducing storage costs,offering dramatic time saving (days to seconds) in recovering old or 'lost' emails, improving mailbox management, optimising the management of email content, improving email server performance meeting legal requirements on email records retention,reducing costs and risks associated with the legal discovery processes and managing and archiving emails and instant messages (IM) as a business record.

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