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Its common knowledge that companies are frustrated with their information management processes. The market for business intelligence is showing a growing trend towards the more efficient and cost effective use of existing IT platforms and integration of web architecture.

Alchemex is a generic reporting solution that leverages the power of Excel as a report writer, delivering sophisticated reporting to your desktop.

Alchemex uses Excel - and this is where you like to present and share your data - just like most companies in the world! The chances are that your organisation is better skilled in Excel than in any other proprietary reporting application - so you get to empower more end-users to write their own reports. Your existing software is feature rich, but too complicated to use and deploy effectively. Companies are looking for something simple, that leverages the power of Excel as a report writer. Alchemex delivers value for money.

Alchemex Fast Facts

  • Simple and cost effective reporting solution.
  • Easily fits time and budget constraints.
  • More staff can track more information at a moderate total cost of ownership.
  • Gain competitive advantage by getting real time business intelligence.
  • Accommodates trend toward user empowerment in business intelligence.
  • Business intelligence becomes a standard desktop tool.
  • Offers optimal flexibility to users and administrators.
  • Offers a powerful and intuitive, non frustrating user experience.
  • Reduces the need for IT department intervention.
  • Focus on business not on technology.
  • Protects and leverages existing IT investment.
  • Convert Microsoft Excel from a cost to an investment.

Alchemex compared to other reporting solutions

  • Easily adapts to changes through increasingly open standards of Internet technology.
  • Seamlessly integrates with technological developments.
  • Does not lock the user in to an inflexible reporting format.
  • Easily redefines user reports to respond to and capitalise on a business opportunity.
  • Users are not required to learn context and application specific skills.
  • Skills learnt using Alchemex are relevant to other applications.
  • Alchemex is flexible and responsive in the face of new reporting demands.
  • Alchemex requires minimum training and skill for both end user and administrator.
  • Alchemex is user driven not administrator/consultant driven.

How Alchemex Works

Alchemex uses an ODBC connection to access data from various compliant data sources and offers the administrator and user separate interfaces to manage the report creation process. Alchemex is then integrated with Microsoft Excel which is used as a powerful and familiar desktop reporting platform.


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