Welcome to i-TEAM

i-TEAM Mission

We aspire to be a leading technology company, focused on optimising technology resources. Together, with our partners, we will combine innovation and a cost conscious mentality to drive value in the marketplace.


i-TEAM on behalf of Xpert Decision Systems (XDS) is offering tracing information to the South African Market. If you are interested, please contact us or Click here to learn more.

Advertising Campaign

i-TEAM has embarked on a new advertising campaign focussed on delivering our message to the public. These adverts will be launched on 702, Jacaranda, Classic and Highveld radio stations soon. Get a sneak peek of it here


i-TEAM is currently looking for skilled sales people. We are looking for pro-active staff with at least 3 years experience. Should you be interested, please forward us your CV. Click here jobs@iteam.co.za

New Helpdesk

i-TEAM has recently launched its new helpdesk system which enables our clients to log support or sales requests online. It also provides clients with an up to date status notification of the open request. i-TEAM in turn uses this data to develop client reports on service levels.