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i-TEAM in partnership with Xpert Decision Systems (XDS), the newly formed black owned credit bureau in South Africa, have built up a comprehensive database with over 30 million consumer information records. Through sophisticated data cleansing processes we are able to offer innovative tracing and collection solutions to drastically reduce the time and cost involved in consumer and commercial entity tracing, contacting and recovering of debt and verification of personal credential information for recruitment agencies.

We offer two methods of delivery, online via the internet and batch (bulk processing of records). These methods provide our clients with clean, accurate and current information on consumers.

Consumer Information:-

We offer three different reports to choose from, all three reports have the following in common:-

Identity Verification and ID Number Validation: Verifies the existence and status of a consumer (e.g. deceased indicators).

Admin Order Check: Determines whether a consumer is under administration order.

Judgements / Court Files: Determines whether a consumer has any judgements or defaults against them.

Consumer Trace Enquiry: The latest contact information pertaining to the consumer, including telephone number, address and employment information are provided.

Consumer Trace Flag: Should we not be able to provide details pertaining to a specific consumer, a consumer trace flag can be logged whereby you will be notified when information becomes available.

Contact and Collect Rating: These ratings give an indication of how contactable a consumer is e.g. date of account last opened, and how collectable the consumer's outstanding debt is e.g. date of last payment made. This enables our clients to prioritise their tracing and collections within their working environments and can assist in the assessment of the collection value of a debtor's book.

Report 2 has one additonal feature:

Credit Accounts: Monthly payment detail and credit accounts history of the consumer are provided and includes account credit limits, current balances, installment amounts, arrears amounts, type of account and the institution with which the account is held.

Report 3 is the same as report 2, but includes:-

Deeds Information: Total number of current property interests and the purchase price of these properties.

Company Directorship Summary: The consumers directorship status.

Potential Fraud Indicators: Indicates the consumers' ID Fraud status. It shows the ID Number's verified status at Home Affairs, the ID Number's deceased status at Home Affairs and whether or not the ID number is found on the SAFPS database.

Sequestration Information check: Determines whether a consumer is sequestrated.

Credit Enquiry History: Shows which credit grantor has done an enquiry on the consumer.

Debt Review Status: Indicates the consumers debt status and the details of the debt counsellor if they have received councilling.

How do our clients access the consumer reports?

Option 1: Online solution

The Internet-based online system uses powerful search engine technology to provide customers with real-time access to consumer information. Subscribers can cost effectively perform single or multiple searches using various intuitive enquiry tools.

Option 2: Batch solution

Bulk Processing of Information or Batch is a processing mechanism whereby large volumes of consumer information (200 or more records) are processed simultaneously. An Excel file is sent by the client to i-TEAM containing the details by which the search is to be done (e.g. ID numbers), the data is then processed against the XDS database and the results are mailed back to the client, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


i-TEAM understands the importance of cost control and therefore offers extremely competitive pricing. Please contact one of our consultants for more information on our pricing structures.

In addition to our competitive pricing, there are no monthly contract fees or subscription fees, you only pay per use.

Business Information:-

We have access to information pertaining to business entities via the CIPRO (Registrar of Companies) database in South Africa . We offer the following business enquiries:

Business Trace Enquiry : This option allows our clients to search for relevant contact information pertaining to a registered business entity.

Principal Member Trace Enquiry: This product provides information pertaining to the principal members/ directors of a registered business entity.

All business enquiries are to be e-mailed to us as they are not available online as yet.

Please contact an i-TEAM consultant to subscribe to this service or see below for an application form.


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